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What Do We Offer    

Quality, Flexibility and Efficiency

At Pesquera Landes we have the strictest quality control systems in the industry. Our raw materials are monitored on line to ensure the highest possible standards to meet the requirements of our clients.
Our flexible operational structure and infrastructure allow us to offer our clients the widest possibilities for the development of new products with the highest quality standards, in order to satisfy the demanding and always changing needs of our customers.

We know about the rising need to be efficient in the use of resources and we have a constant concern for improving our processes as a way of maintaining the competition of our products in the world markets.

For Landes, concern for the environment is a priority, both in managing our plants and our farms. We not only comply with current legal norms but we are also part of the Clean Production Agreement of the Fishing Industry, a voluntary declaration of the signing companies to keep a constant control of the environment in all of its processes.

Isla Rocuant S/N Talcahuano
8ª Región - Chile
Fono: (56) (41) 285 70 00
Avenida Tajamar 183 Of. 702
Las Condes - Santiago - Chile
Fono (56) (2) 233 71 51